Make Your Life as a Lawyer Easier

What is your life as a lawyer like?

Law schools don’t teach about quality of life; law firms don’t deal with it; and others in the legal profession, like headhunters, don’t get paid for addressing it. Yet lawyer quality of life is the main reason why survey after survey reveals that many lawyers are dissatisfied with their lot, want to leave the profession, or are just plain unhappy.

And, if you’re like most lawyers, you’re on your own when it comes to dealing with the search for peace of mind. Your family doesn’t understand the stress and difficulty you go through to generate their sustenance. Your professional colleagues do understand what you’re going through–they’re going through it too–but they are in subtle competition with you and may not view your struggles dispassionately, sympathetically, or confidentially.

So, how is your quality of life as a lawyer these days? Do you arrive at the office every morning feeling the excitement you once felt about practicing law? Are you easily moving toward clear career goals with peace of mind? Are you mulling over important decisions in your life alone, like decisions about career changes, relationships, or financial considerations? How would you like to develop effective strategies for improving your current situation with a knowledgeable collaborator in complete confidence? What would it feel like to put the play back into your day? If you resonate with any of these questions, this could be exactly the right time for you to work with a coach.

Why work with a coach? A common misconception is that coaching is about giving advice. But, rather than telling you what to do, a good coach will guide you to see that most of the answers you seek are inside of yourself. You alone best know the details and nuances of what you’re going through. A coach can empower you to focus with clarity on new solutions to the challenges you face. Because, as Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them,” a coach can help you make the fundamental shifts in your perspective necessary to see yourself and your situation in the new ways that will deliver you from your challenges.

Why work with me as your coach on lawyer problems? Because I have lived every one of them: I have been an associate in a Wall Street law firm, a founder of an AV-rated firm, a freelancer, an administrative partner for a 300-lawyer Silicon Valley firm, a senior partner managing a 50-lawyer department in a 1400-lawyer mega-firm, and an adventurer in a new career outside of law. So I understand what the issues are in practicing law. And I wrote the book(s) (Awakening Counsel and Ask Your Inner Voice) about how to successfully deal with such issues. For me personally, it’s a way to “give back” by using my experience and intuition to provide lawyers with someone to talk to knowledgeably and confidentially about the challenges in their lives.

How will coaching benefit you? The different stages in the life cycle of a lawyer (Associate, Senior Associate, Junior Partner, Partner, Senior Partner, Detours, and The New Me) are discussed under the links in the left column, together with practical tips for each stage and how coaching can benefit a lawyer in that stage. Do you fit into one of these stages? If so, I can probably help you make your life as a lawyer easier.

If the described coaching benefits or practical tips about the lawyer stage you’re in now appeal to you, why not email me your contact information at Jim@JimWawro.com to arrange a no-obligation preliminary call to see if we’re a match.

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